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Discover strategic sites with available capacity, high utilization, and cost-effective interconnections using our advanced grid intelligence.

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Quickly qualify leads and unlock site profitability in one-click.

Our breakthrough software uses artificial intelligence to optimize the size, location, and revenue of EV charging networks.


Site Search & Feasibility Analysis

Streamline site qualification and lead routing to reduce customer acquisition costs. Empower site hosts to self-qualify with a personalized, AI-generated EV charging quote.

Individual and bulk site evaluation
Instantaneous, one-click feasibility studies
Rank and filter projects by IRR, power, and more


Fleet Planning

De-risk fleet charging with our smart site evaluations, vehicle route analysis, load optimization and more. Get trusted infrastructure recommendations and cost estimates

Vehicle & route analysis
Load optimization and charging strategy analysis
Infrastructure recommendation & selection


Flexible Interconnection

Advanced insights down to the point of interconnection to optimize fast charging station utilization, available power capacity, grid upgrades, and ultimately your bottom-line.

Advanced grid capacity insights
Utility interconnection assistance
Dynamic energy and emissions modeling
Value proposition

Deploy right-sized and scaleable EV charging infrastructure.

Alpha Grid helps you optimize project planning by ensuring you select the right equipment, stay on budget, and future-proof the longevity of your infrastructure investments.


Simplifying the EV charging ecosystem

A single platform that integrates data from utilities and other sources to provide unparalleled grid visibility, accelerating charging infrastructure deployment.

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Our AI-powered software accelerates scalable, cost-efficient charging and storage infrastructure deployment. Gain a competitive edge on the future of electric mobility.

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