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Help us accelerate electric mobility

Founded by veterans from leading AI groups at X, the moonshot factory, Google AI, Nest, and IARPA, we have a track record of developing breakthrough software that is transforming the energy industry.
Lucas Ackerknecht
CEO & Co-founder
Luke has spent a decade at the intersection of machine learning and energy optimization. Previously, Luke led product at X, the moonshot factory and machine learning at Google and Nest, where he pioneered multiple AI-based solutions ranging from distribution topology mapping and load forecasting to counter terrorism and fraud detection. He holds a MS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and a MPA and BS in Environmental Economics from Cornell University.
Phil Stahlfeld
CTO & Co-founder
Phil is a highly experienced leader and technologist with a passion for using big data and artificial intelligence to solve complex engineering problems. Phil has invented over a dozen patents ranging from facial recognition to power systems mapping technology. Previously, he led breakthrough technology initiatives at X, the moonshot factory and Google. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Bucknell University.
Zongze Li
Software Engineer
Atta is a founding software engineer of Alpha Grid, who previously working for Google and Amazon for more than two years. He is an experienced full-stack web developer and passionate about distributed systems, functional programming and front-end technologies. He holds a MS in Computer Science from UCLA.
Kshitij Nikhal
Machine Learning Scientist
Kshitij is a machine learning scientist with years of experience at Google X, TomTom, and IARPA. His expertise lies in unsupervised learning and computer vision across diverse fields, spanning from power systems to biometric intelligence. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in artificial intelligence from University of Lincoln-Nebraska.
Our values

Building a culture of taking earthshots.

Our shared values keep us connected and guide us as one team. We are building an innovative culture that can accelerate the decarbonization of electricity.


Be willing to take risks and try new things to find asymmetric opportunities while motivating others. Aim for 10X improvement rather than just 10%.

Shift Perspective

Relentlessly seek knowledge from diverse fields, challenging conventions. With a beginner's mind, shift perspectives to craft elegant solutions.

Rapid Iteration

Execution is king. Find ways to rapidly test and improve our product, which can lead to faster innovation and delighted customers.


See challenges as opportunities, look for ways to improve things, take risks, and be willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.


Flexibility and trust are essential for everyone to keep performing at their best. We offer a hybrid in-office policy so you can do your best work.

Customer Obsession

Begin with the customer's needs and identify delightful solutions by working backwards from their problems. Earn and retain their trust.

A word from our investors

Hear from our exceptional investors who share our vision for a decarbonized energy future

“When we first met Alpha Grid’s co-founders they were armed with a big vision, deep domain expertise from their years pioneering breakthrough grid technology together at Google X, and an extraordinary drive to make their dent in the world’s broader electrification story.”

Sam Clayman
General Partner

"Alpha Grid's platform isn't just about smarter charging deployments, it's about enabling the energy transition we desperately need. Their technology marries cutting-edge software with a practical understanding of the challenges faced by today's developers and site hosts."

Leshika Samarasinghe
Founder & General Partner
We’re hiring!

Everything is electrifying. Join us.

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
Product Designer
You love to drive the product strategy, share the vision of Alpha Grid, and help us define the "what" as well as "how".
San Francisco Bay Area
Software Engineer
Software Development
You love building beautiful web applications and rapidly shipping features that help users most.
San Francisco Bay Area
Machine Learning Engineer
Software Development
You live for the invention and commercialization of breakthrough machine learning technology applied to energy systems.
San Francisco Bay Area